Additional drivers

You can include up to 4 named drivers on your policy.

Remember, your driving score is calculated based on how the car is driven, so the driving style of all drivers can impact the overall driving score.

Please make sure all of your named drivers are aware of this before they use your car.

Mobile App Customers

Please make sure all of your named drivers have downloaded the WiseDriving app and have connected to the device.

How can I add a driver?

You can add additional drivers to your policy without incurring our £35 administration fee using your portal.

Before you can access your portal, you’ll need to make sure you have registered.

If you have already registered, please click here. Alternatively if you still need to register please click this link and fill out the information as requested.

Please note changes may affect the insurance premium due, which may increase or decrease depending upon the change made.


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