Registering and using the WiseDriving App

You only have to register to use the mobile app if you take out a WiseDriving Mobile App policy. Please ensure you have your client reference number in order to complete your registration. This can be found on your welcome email

At any stage you can deregister by visiting ‘update profile’ in the menu and clicking deregister.

If you deregister whilst your WiseDriving policy is still active this may lead to your policy being cancelled.

Black Box Customers

If you have purchased a policy for our black box insurance, please don’t download our WiseDriving App.

I use two phones, which one do I download the App on?

The WiseDriving App has to be used on all journeys so the WiseDriving App should be downloaded on your main phone that you take with you at all times and will need to be with you during your trip.

Can I use my iPad or tablet?

The WiseDriving App has been designed for use on smartphone handsets only. You can check whether our WiseDriving App is compatible with your phone by downloading it from Google Play or the App Store.

What if I forget my username or password and am unable to login to the WiseDriving app?

Click on the ‘forgot password’ link within our WiseDriving App which will automatically send an email to the email address used when you registered which will contain a link enabling you to reset your password

Am I still insured if the App isn’t switched on?

Yes, however, it’s in our Terms and Conditions of the policy that all driving of the insured car is monitored using the WiseDriving App. Not using the WiseDriving App to monitor you driving the insured vehicle may lead to your policy being cancelled.

What if I don’t use or forget to switch on the WiseDriving app?

We have got you covered. The app has a built in Autostart function which recognises that you are on the go and begins recording the journey.

Does everyone named on my policy need to download the App?

Yes, as it’s the car that is ultimately insured all named drivers need to download, use the WiseDriving App and tether to the 12v device. Failure to do these may result in the named driver being removed from your policy or the policy being cancelled.


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