Change my car

It’s easy to change your vehicle – You can either call us or login to your customer portal. However please note you will be charged an administration fee of £35 if you call us to complete the change.

In order to change your vehicle, please make sure you have the following to hand:

  • Vehicle registration
  • If vehicle registration is unavailable full details of the make and model of the vehicle

You'll also need the following information:

  • Details of where your vehicle will be kept overnight
  • Price you have paid for the vehicle along with the market value
  • Purchase date of the vehicle
  • If there are any modifications to the vehicle (and what they are)
  • Who will be the owner and registered keeper
  • If you need to change the use of the vehicle from what you've already told us

Fixed Box Customers

If you change your car after you have had a WiseDriving Box installed we will charge a change of vehicle fee of £120 as we'll need to arrange for our engineers to fit a new WiseDriving Box to your new car.

Details of the fees charged are found in fees and charges under the terms and conditions

Mobile App Customers

Just plug your device into your new cars 12v socket and you're ready to go.

There may be an additional premium or return premium based on any change in details which affect our underwriter’s view of the risk represented. Our insurance underwriter takes into account different risks and uses this to determine the risk and likelihood of a claim.

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