About the WiseDriving App

What is the WiseDriving Mobile App?

This is a mobile app which utilises your phone’s GPS technology and the types of roads you use to record data relating to your driving style, including speed, acceleration, braking and night-time driving. The WiseDriving app is a free smartphone application that helps people learn safer driving behaviour.

If you have purchased a policy for our black box insurance, please don’t download our WiseDriving App.

Will the App cost me anything?

The WiseDriving App is free to download from Google Play or App Store.

What does the 12V device do?

The 12V device is used in conjunction with the WiseDriving app to collect telematics driving data. It is installed in the cigarette lighter (12V) port of your car and communicates with the WiseDriving app over Bluetooth technology.

How does the App work?

The WiseDriving App will monitor your driving behaviour via the GPS (Global Positioning System), feeding back data on your braking, acceleration, speed, night time driving together with where you are driving. Once this information is received it is converted into a score. The higher the score the better and you may get some money back. If you have a low score, however, we may ask you to pay additional premiums as drivers with low scores are at a higher risk of having a claim.

Connecting the App to our 12v device?

We will post you a 12v device in the post, which you should receive in 4 to 6 days from your purchase date. Once you receive this you will need to plug this into your vehicle and connect to our mobile app by following the instructions within the WiseDriving App.

Please visit our Wisedriving and Telematics Insurance article for a video on tethering the WiseDriving App to your 12v device.

Does the App use my data allowance?

The App uploads your journey data via your data to ensure it is as up to date and accurate as possible; this also helps in the event of an accident as we receive the crash information immediately. The amount of data used is approximately 10mb (approximately the same as downloading 2 songs) and dependant on how much you drive. We recommend you use Wi-Fi where available to upload your driving details. You can reduce the data usage by selecting “Wi-Fi only upload” in settings. This uploads your journey records when you’re next connected to Wi-Fi rather than sending over your phone provider’s data network.

Will the App use my battery?

As the App utilises the GPS receiver and Low Energy Bluetooth the battery will be used so we recommend using the USB port to charge your phone during each journey on our 12v device.

Who owns the WiseDriving App and 12v device?

We do, but you have our permission to access the WiseDriving App on your mobile phone and we will send you a 12v device in the post.

 Why is the light on my 12v device on all the time?

This is down to the manufacturer of the car and the power supplied to the 12v port, however the device will ‘sleep’ after 5 minutes of inactivity and therefore will not drain your battery.

What happens if there is a weak GPS signal?

The strength of the GPS signal varies across the country and therefore the signal could drop at intermittent times, however we are aware this is the case and therefore it will not affect your score or policy. Your battery life being below 15% will also stop a journey being recorded so we recommend charging your phone via the USB port during each journey on our 12v device.


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