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Why hasn’t my score updated?

When recording of your journey stops, the WiseDriving App will try and send your journey data to us using your mobile data network. The WiseDriving App will continue to retry until you have mobile data coverage or you connect to Wi-Fi.

Why does the app say I was speeding when I wasn’t?

We’ve got a database of all the speed limits and we continually maintain where possible to keep as up-to-date as we can. However, the speed limit may have changed without our knowledge. If you have noticed that a speed limit is showing incorrectly on the WiseDriving App, we would appreciate your feedback.

Please email us by visiting our contact us page with the specific details (the time and date of the journey) and we’ll investigate. If our database is incorrect, we’ll correct it. If this has affected your driving score, we’ll remove any affected journeys.

Why did my journey stop and start recording?

The app is set to autostop after 5 minutes of not driving. This means when you’re stuck in traffic the app may stop recording and then, restart recording when it detects you’re driving again.

Another reason this can happen is if the GPS signal isn’t strong enough.

What if I disagree with my driving score or feedback?

Most of us think we’re probably pretty good drivers on the whole, so getting a driving score or some feedback saying you’re not so good isn’t always easy to take in. Our view of whether we think you promote safe driving behaviour is based on millions of miles of monitored driving data. The validity of the driving data has been tested extensively so we’re confident it’s representative and accurate. However, if after reflecting on how you’ve been driving, you disagree, please let us know by emailing us by visiting our contact us page with specific details (e.g. the times & dates of any example journeys where you believe we may be incorrect) and we’ll investigate.

What does my driving score mean and how is it calculated?

Your driving score reflects what safe driving behaviour you have exhibited. It can range from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the safer driving behaviour we think you exhibit. The key things you can do to improve your driving score are to:

  • Always drive within the speed limit
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly and not aggressively
  • Do not drive regularly between 11pm-5am

If you take out a policy with us, we calculate the driving score we apply to your policy from when you register your policy to the WiseDriving App and your policy cover starts.

Where can I find my up to date driving score?

We calculate your driving score daily. Your latest and most up to date driving score is updated and shown on your phone or within your WiseDriving dashboard after each journey is uploaded to us either by your mobile data network or when you connect to Wi-Fi.


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