How do I install my telematics device?

You're nearly ready to hit the road! But first, please complete this speedy 5 step-process to connect your Smartphone to your car. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes!

1. Before you head out to your car, please download & register to the WiseDriving app on your phone. To register, you will need your username (usually your email address), your car registration number and your client reference number (you'll find this in the top right of the emails we have sent you).

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2. Turn your car ignition on. Plug your WiseDriving device into your car's cigarette lighter (12v socket). The light on your device should be RED.

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3. Go to your phone settings and make sure your Bluetooth is switched on. Then under your 'Bluetooth Devices' please connect to WiseDriving.

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4. Don't worry that the light on your device is still RED as you're not fully connected yet. Open the WiseDriving app and follow the on-screen instructions to sync the app to your device.

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5. Once you've connected successfully, the light on your device should turn to blue. Once this happens, you are good to go!


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