Download the WiseDriving App

 1. Download app and send us your documents


Once you’ve bought your policy, we’ll ask you to download WiseDriving App and connect your WiseDriving device, which we will send to you in the post within a few days of the purchase of your policy. As this is the way we assess your driving you’ll need to this within 14 days, or your policy could be cancelled. You can download the WiseDriving App from either Google Play or the App Store – just search for WiseDriving or click on either of the links below. If you have any named drivers on your policy they will need to also download our WiseDriving App to their phone and connect to the WiseDriving device.

iTunes Store
Google Play Store

We’ll just need to see your no claims discount, if applicable, and your V5 Log Book.

You can upload your documents (scanned copy or a photo) on your WiseDriving account. Alternatively, you can send them in an email to

2. Install your device


Once you’ve downloaded and registered the WiseDriving App. We will send you a WiseDriving device in the post within 4 to 6 days from the purchase date of your policy that you will need to plug into your vehicles 12v socket and connect this to our WiseDriving App. This doesn’t mean you cannot drive the vehicle without the WiseDriving device. All you need to do is take your mobile phone with our WiseDriving App downloaded and registered until the device is delivered.

3. Check your score


Once your WiseDriving device is connected and your WiseDriving App is up and running, you can see your driving score using your personalised WiseDriving dashboard. You can access your dashboard at any time either on our website or via your WiseDriving App. Your score will be updated on the dashboard every day so you can check your score as often as you like. Every month we’ll review your score and, if we need to, adjust your premium accordingly. We’ll give you regular feedback on how you’re doing, which will give you the opportunity to improve your score and receive discounts for driving safely.


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