Do I need a Green Card if I’m travelling abroad?

In the event of a no deal Brexit, it may be possible that UK drivers are required to carry a Green Card when driving their car in Europe, including in the Republic of Ireland.

Green Cards are issued by your insurer, and will contain details like your registration number. Green Cards cannot be downloaded online, so they need to be requested ahead of your travel and posted to your home address.

Due to the Brexit extension period of 31st October, which means the UK is unlikely to leave the EU without a deal prior to this point, you probably won’t be required to carry a Green Card prior to 31st October.

We will continue to provide updates as Brexit progresses to ensure you’re informed of any effect on your insurance – but, in the meantime, you do not currently have to take any action if you are planning to drive in the EU ahead of 31st October. If you are planning to drive in the EU after this time, you won’t need to do anything until two weeks prior to travel, so please await further information as Brexit negotiations progress.

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