Black Box Policy: I have an OBD Port Black Box, what happens if I change my vehicle?

If you’ve changed the vehicle on your policy, the next step is to remove your black box from your old car on the day you swap over to your new car.

Once you’ve removed your black box and your policy is about to swap over to your new car, you’ll need to attach it to your new car, just like you did when you took out your policy with us.

If you need help installing your box to your new car, click here.

To remove the box from your old car, just give it a pull and it should come out of the OBD port easily.

In the event your current WiseDriving black box is not compatible with your new car, we will send you a new one to install, free of charge. We’ll be in touch and will let you know when it’s been sent and how to return your old box to us.

If you don’t remove your black box from your old car and you would’ve been able to reuse it, you’ll be charged a fee of £65 for a replacement to be sent out to you.


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