App + Device Policy: The battery is low on my device, what do I do?

Your WiseDriving device is solar powered, but sometimes your device may run low on battery. If this happens, we’ll send you an email and text to let you know that your device needs charging.

To check the charge on your device, click here.

It’s easy to charge your device, you just need a type-C USB cable that we’ll have sent out to you, if we detect you need to charge your device.

Please don’t remove your device to charge it, the cradle is designed to break if the device is removed from your windscreen.

You can charge your device by plugging your USB cable into your car’s USB slot (if it has one), or by plugging it into a 12v adapter. If your cable won’t reach from your 12v socket to your device, you can also use a power bank.



  1. Plug the USB end of your cable into your 12v adapter or power bank, plus the other end into your device as shown. You don’t need to remove your device.
  2. Once you’ve plugged it in, you should see a little red light, this means your device is charging.
  3. Keep checking your battery charge in your app and once it’s charged you can unplug your device. It’s always best to try to charge your device to 100%, but we understand that’s not always possible.

Always try to keep your device battery level at above 40%, as that will make sure that you don’t get any more low battery warnings.