App + Device Policy: How do I fit my device to my new car after a change of vehicle?

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re changing your vehicle with us, we’ll send you a new cradle in the post. Once your new cradle has arrived, just clip your device into the new cradle and you’re ready to install it.

You should have already removed your device from your old car, for more information on how to do this, click here.

To remove your device to from the old cradle, please follow the below steps:

  1. There are two clips in each corner of the cradle that need to be popped out
  2. Then, using the black tool, place the narrow end into the cradle as close to your device as you can. Then leverage the device out of the cradle. This may break the cradle, but don’t worry, your new one will be with you soon.

Once you’ve removed the old cradle, you’ll need to clip your device into the new one – by reversing the steps you followed above. Pop the device into the new cradle and close the clips.

You’ll then be able to fit it just as you did when you first got your device. If you need some help doing that, please click here.