App + Device Policy: What happens if I change my vehicle?

If you’ve changed the vehicle on your policy, the next step is to remove your device from your old car. Please remove your WiseDriving device and put it somewhere safe as you’ll need to fit it to your new vehicle.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re changing your vehicle with us, we’ll send you a new cradle in the post. Once your new cradle has arrived, just clip your device into the new cradle and you’re ready to install it.

To remove the device from your old car you’ll need to:

  1. Firmly grip both hands around the device, whilst it is still attached to the windscreen.
  2. Maintaining a firm grip on the device, pull the device away from the windscreen (this may require reasonable force and therefore the cradle may snap- don’t worry though, you’ll new one will be with you soon).

If you need help installing your device to your new car, click here.