I’ve purchased Premier KeyBack cover – who do I contact if I need to make a key claim?

If you have purchased Premier KeyBack cover as an optional extra to your policy and need to make a claim, please call 0333 241 9574, providing as much information as possible about the claim.

Premier KeyBack cover provides the follow:

  • £1500 of cover for replacement keys and locksmith charges
  • No excess to pay
  • No impact to no claims discount
  • Covers all keys, not just car keys, to give extra peace of mind

You can find full details of your cover in your policy documents, which can be found via your online account or here.

If you don’t have this cover, your policy comes with £300 cover for lost or stolen keys as standard. If you would like to use this cover, you will need to contact your insurer – you can find out who your insurer is by checking your policy documents. Please note that, unlike our Premier KeyBack cover, any claims you make using this cover may affect your no claims discount.


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