What are the benefits of having no claims discount?

If you have no claims discount, also known as no claims bonus, you may be able to get a discount on your insurance, meaning you have to pay less.

No claims discount can vary in amount, starting from one year. For each consecutive year that you don’t claim on your insurance, you can build up your no claims discount – and the more years you have (up to a certain limit, as determined by your insurer), the bigger discount you’re likely to receive.

If you have no claims discount and state this on your policy, we’ll ask you to send us proof. The no claims discount must have been earned in the UK on a car policy in your own name, not as a named driver or on a company policy in order to be valid. No claims discount can only be applied to one policy and must be no more than two years old. You can find out how to send us proof and what you need to include here. If you don’t provide proof, we may remove the no claims discount from your policy, which may cause your policy price to increase.

What happens if I have no claims discount and need to make a claim?

Should you make a claim during your policy, this will cause your no claims discount to reduce, unless the costs of the claim can be recovered from a third party (such as if you’re in a non-fault accident, and the other driver’s insurer agrees to cover the costs). Some claims, such as windscreen claims, may also not affect your no claims discount. If you do lose your no claims discount, it may result in increased premiums.


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