Black Box Policy: Policy cancelled because of driving score

If your score drops below 30, we do reserve the right to cancel your policy as we see a direct correlation between low scores and claims.

However, WiseDriving is about helping you to improve your driving so, once you have received notification that your score is below 30, we will give you 200 more miles to increase your score. If after the next 200 miles your score is above 30, your policy will continue.

If you fail to improve, your policy will be cancelled. 

Please note if you do improve but your score subsequently drops below 30 again, there is no improvement time given and your policy will be cancelled.

This only applies if your policy was taken out after 10 November 2016.

If we detect an extreme event, such as speeding over the limit by 30% or more, we will notify you immediately by email with a warning. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel your insurance in the case of one or more extreme events.


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