Black Box Policy: Can I drive abroad?

If you’re driving abroad, we will provide the same level of cover that your policy provides for up to the number of days shown on your Schedule during your period of insurance. This is providing your car is taxed, registered and normally kept in the United Kingdom, and that you keep a permanent address in the United Kingdom.

What if my car is being transported abroad?

We’ll also provide cover while your car is being transported by rail, air, inland waterway, the Channel Tunnel or by a recognised sea route to any country where this insurance operates and the journey time doesn’t normally exceed 65 hours.

If your car becomes undriveable as a result of loss or damage covered by this policy, we’ll pay the cost of delivering it to your address in the United Kingdom. We’ll also pay customs duty if your car is damaged and we decide not to return it to this country after you make a claim under your contract.

What if I want to drive in a country not listed under the cover?

Before you travel, always check with your insurer to confirm that you’re covered. If you aren’t, you will have to purchase additional cover.

If you’re travelling outside of the EU, you may also require an international driving permit, please refer to the Government’s website for up-to-date information

As of the 2nd August 2021, the rules have changed for UK drivers taking their cars to Europe, and you’ll no longer need a Green Card to be able to drive your car in the following countries:

  • the EU (including Ireland)
  • Andorra
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland

Always make sure to check the rules abroad before driving too – minimum driving ages can vary in different countries, as well as driving laws.


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