Black Box Policy: Black box driving dashboard

How can I track my driving score?

You will have access to your own Wisedriving Dashboard. The Dashboard will show you your year to date score overall, and scores for Speed, Acceleration, Braking and Night Time Driving. You will be able to see these scores on a day by day basis.

How often will the Dashboard update?

The Dashboard will normally update every 24 to 48 hours.

Where is the Dashboard found on the website?

The Dashboard can be found by logging onto your portal here. Once you have logged onto your account click on the link to your Dashboard.

How does the Box know if there are variable speed limits or there are temporary speed limits?

Although we keep our speed limit database as up to date as possible, we don’t always know about temporary reductions in speed limits due to variable speed limits and road works. We use the maximum speed limit for those roads. However, we know safe drivers don’t suddenly become unsafe drivers. Safe drivers observe temporary speed limits and take into account the driving conditions at the time.

Why does the Box say I was speeding when I wasn’t?

We’ve got a database of all the speed limits and we continually maintain where possible to keep as up to date as we can. However, the speed limit may have changed without our knowledge. If you have noticed that a speed limit is showing incorrectly on the WiseDriving Box, we would appreciate your feedback.

Please email us by visiting our contact us page with the specific details (the time and date of the journey) and we’ll investigate. If our database is incorrect, we’ll correct it. If this has affected your driving score, we’ll remove any affected journeys.

What if I disagree with my driving score or feedback?

Most of us think we’re probably pretty good drivers on the whole, so getting a driving score or some feedback saying you’re not so good isn’t always easy to take in. Our view on whether we think you’re a safe driver is based on millions of miles of monitored driving data. The validity of the driving data has been tested extensively so we’re confident it’s representative and accurate. However, if after reflecting on how you’ve been driving, you disagree, please let us know by emailing us by visiting our contact us page with specific details (e.g. the times & dates of any example journeys where you believe we may be incorrect) and we’ll investigate.

What does my driving score mean and how is it calculated?

Your driving score reflects how safe a driver we think you are. It can range from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the safer a driver we think you are. The key things you can do to improve your driving score are to:

  • Always drive within the speed limit
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly and not aggressively
  • Do not drive regularly between 11pm-5am 

The calculation of your driving score takes into account other driving behaviour parameters too. If you take out a policy with us, we calculate the driving score we apply to your policy from when your policy cover starts and the WiseDriving Box is fitted to your vehicle.


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