Black Box Policy: How do I use the WiseDriving dashboard to check my score?

When you first log into your WiseDriving account, you’ll be brought straight to your WiseDriving dashboard. Here, you can see details about your policy, with the ability to make changes, and details about your account. You will also see a speedometer, as shown below:


This speedometer will show your year to date driving score, as well as the number of miles you’ve driven underneath. You can also find a link to our driving hints and tips here if you want to find out how to improve your score.

If you wish to see your individual scores and breakdown for individual journeys, you need to press the ‘Break It Down’ button to the right-hand side of the speedometer.

Once you’ve clicked here, you’ll been taken to a new page containing a graph, like below:


This graph allows you see your individual scores for each day, using the dates shown on the horizontal axis. The score for the journey can be seen on the vertical line. Each dot represents the date of driving you’ve made, so you can track your day-to-day scores.

If you want to view a specific behaviour, such as your braking or your acceleration, you can use the tick boxes to the right of the graph to select and deselect which scores you want to view. You can choose to view just one score, or scores to different behaviours at the same time. Your speed score is shown with a black line, acceleration by a green line, braking by a red line and time of day of driving by a blue line. Your overall score is also shown by a blue line. Please note that the overall scores shown on the graph won’t be your overall score for your driving to date, but just for the date you have selected – so, while you may have an overall score of 98 for one journey, this may not be the year to date score shown on your speedometer as other journeys may weigh the score down.

Remember it can take up to two days for data to process and appear on your dashboard, so if you’ve recently made a journey and can’t see it yet, don’t be alarmed. Find out more about this here.


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