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Why has some or all of my journey mileage or journey time not been recorded?

For a journey to be recorded your Location/GPS needs to be active on your phone together with Bluetooth to ensure the WiseDriving App tethers to the 12v Device. Your phone will also need to be in a clear line of site to the satellites, we recommend a cradle is used for the best performance. Other reasons your journeys may not be recording include; your battery life being below 15%, so we recommend using the 12v Device to charge your device during each journey; GPS in the area not being strong enough to accurately record the journey (or part thereof).

Why don’t some of my journeys record?

This could be due to the GPS reception not being good enough to record a journey accurately enough. The journey will be disregarded. To improve GPS reception, please see ‘Where should I place my phone to get the best GPS signal?’

Your journey may also not be recording if your journey was short in distance or time. This means the journey will be disregarded.

The WiseDriving App is set to autostop after 5 minutes of not driving. This means when you’re stuck in traffic the App may stop recording. The WiseDriving App will restart recording when it detects you are driving again. Also some journeys stop recording if your battery life is below 15%, so we recommend using the 12v Device to charge your device during each journey.

When is my journey data uploaded?

Once you have finished a journey the WiseDriving App will upload the trip information as soon as you have mobile network coverage. We recommend you use Wi-Fi where available to upload your driving details.

Why does GPS (Location Services) stay on when not using the WiseDriving App on my iPhone or Android phone?

The GPS (Location Services) remains on when the app is running in the background because this is how we monitor for autostarting the recording of a journey. This uses about 1% of the battery life every hour (the

We recommend a cradle is used to ensure a clear line of sight to the satellites.

What is GPS?

What is GPS? Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to track journeys and enable navigation. Satellite technology is utilised to ensure accuracy and as a result we recommend a cradle is used during journeys to ensure your phone has a clear line of sight to the sky.

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