Black Box Policy: Self-Installation Guide (Battery Located Device)

Once you have purchased a WiseDriving policy, you will be told if you have a pro-install policy (meaning an engineer will fit your box) or a self-install policy (meaning you fit the box yourself). If you have a pro-install policy, please click here to find out about the pro-install process. If you have a self-install policy, we’ll send you out a box within 4-6 days of your policy purchase date, alongside instructions on how to install it.

How do I install the WiseDriving box?

Installing the WiseDriving box is easy, and should only take a few minutes. You’ll need a spanner, as well as the box we’ll send to you. Written instructions will be provided, but you can also watch the self-install guide below:


When do I need to install the box?

Once you receive the box, you can install it as soon as you’re ready. The box must be installed within 14 days of your policy purchase date so we can begin to monitor your driving. If not, your policy may be cancelled, so aim to install the box as soon as possible.


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