Documents we need

If you have a no claims bonus we may request to see proof of this along with the front cover and inside left page of your V5 (proof of ownership) or New Keepers Supplement.                                     

v5 and no claims discount              

Documents are easy to upload: you can upload a copy, scan or photo of your documents through your WiseDriving account.


Here is a quick video to help you:



Alternatively, you can send us a copy in the post to the address on our contact us page.


Viewing your insurance Documents

All documents provided by WiseDriving are available for download from your customer portal at any time, free of charge. You’ll need to register online before you are able to access your policy. To register, please click here and fill out the information as requested. To log into your account for this, you’ll need your policy number – this can be found on your welcome email, which we sent to you when you first purchased your policy. This number can be found at the bottom of your email if you're viewing from a mobile, or on the right-hand side if you're viewing from a desktop.

On your customer portal, you can view and print your Certificate of Motor Insurance, Schedule and Statement of Facts, as well as our Terms and Conditions and Policy Booklets for the WiseDriving policy and any optional extras you may have included.

Alternatively, you can access some of these documents by clicking on the Policy Documents section of our website. From here, you can select which documents you wish to download. 



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