How do I change my address?

You can easily change your address online without paying a fee by logging into your online account. Click here to make a change.

If you haven’t yet registered your account, you’ll need your policy/web reference number which can be found on the welcome email we sent to you when you first purchased your policy - you can find it at the bottom of your email if you're viewing from a mobile, or on the right-hand side if you're viewing from a desktop..

You can also make a change by calling our contact centre – please note that this will result in a £35 admin fee.

There may be an additional or return cost to your policy based on any change in details which affect our underwriter’s view of the risk represented. Our insurance underwriter takes into account different risks and uses this to determine the risk and likelihood of a claim. We’ll notify you of any changes to your insurance policy price before you make the change.


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