Black Box Policy: Exceed the speed limit

All speeding will negatively impact your driving score and can cause additional premiums. 

If you exceed the speed limit by more than 30%, our system will register this as an Extreme Speeding Event, and you’ll be notified of this by email.

We reserve the right to cancel your policy in the event of one or more Extreme Speeding Events.

How does my telematics device know if there are variable speed limits or there are temporary speed limits?

Although we keep our speed limit database as up to date as possible, we don’t always know about temporary reductions in speed limits due to variable speed limits and road works. We use the maximum speed limit for those roads. However, we know safe drivers don’t suddenly become unsafe drivers: safe drivers observe temporary speed limits and take into account the driving conditions at the time.

What to do in the event of speeding

We’ve got a database of all the speed limits which we continually maintain where possible to keep it up to date. However, it is possible for speed limits to change without our knowledge. If you’ve noticed that a speed limit is showing incorrectly on the WiseDriving Box, we would appreciate your feedback. To tell us about an incorrect speed limit on the WiseDriving Box, please email us by visiting our contact us page with the specific details (the time and date of the journey) and we’ll investigate. If our database is incorrect, we’ll correct it. If this has adversely affected your driving score, we’ll remove any affected journeys.


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