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Accelerate smoothly

  • The best way to improve your acceleration score is to accelerate smoothly. This can have a lot of benefits for your car as well as improving your Driving Behaviour Score: it reduces fuel consumption, cuts emissions and keeps you in control of the car.
  • Like with braking, taking your time is key to accelerating smoothly. Allow yourself time to observe the road around you and judge how much you should accelerate. Can you see anything ahead that might mean you need to slow down or stop? If you can, avoid any rapid acceleration.

Listen to your engine

  • Accelerating too quickly can have bad consequences: if you don’t observe the situation properly, it makes it easier to get into an accident or to skid on wet or icy surfaces. Look at your rev counter or listen to your engine to judge whether you’re accelerating the right amount – over-revving indicates you’re accelerating too much.

Get used to your acceleration pedal

  • Get used to your car’s acceleration. Like with braking, each car is different in its acceleration, and what makes for ‘smooth’ acceleration can vary. Tailor your acceleration to your car, and make sure you’re using your accelerator pedal in a way that’s safe for your vehicle.


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