Let your car help you


Why not watch our helpful video on improving your acceleration score? Click here.


Set up your seat correctly

  • If you’re struggling with your acceleration, it might be how you’ve got your car set up. If you frequently find yourself accelerating too harshly without meaning to, you might need to readjust your car seat. Your seat should be placed so that you can easily reach the pedals – if you’re too far away, you won’t be able to press the acceleration pedal smoothly which may result in harsh accelerating.

Know when to change gear

  • Another tip for improving your acceleration score is to change gear at the right time. Being in the wrong gear can affect your acceleration, making your car go faster or slower than it should. Make sure you’re in the right gear for your speed, and change gear as soon as you need to. This’ll help you to think about your speed as you drive, as well as cutting your fuel bill.


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